Reward: Elephant Candy

Nepali elephants enjoy elephant treats as a reward now and then. Although they are called “elephant candy” they are in fact healthy bundles of chickpeas, rices and other grains wrapped in handy hay bundles that elephants can just pop in their mouths….which they do as often as possible. The sneaky ones tear off the straw, spit it out and just eat the goodies inside…just like kids who only eat the cream filling out of oreos ;o)




The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

5 thoughts on “Reward: Elephant Candy

  1. Lovely! Both story and pictures. We had an elephant bless us in the huge temple in Tiruvannamalai (Tamil Nadu) and he was very adept at handling notes and tiny coins and giving them to his keeper. They can manipulate surprisingly well with the end of their trunks.


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