12 thoughts on “30 Seconds: Packout

  1. Transitions are always bittersweet. I can’t tell you how much I look forard to hearing about your next adventures! Happy travels and have a wonderful and relaxing time on your well deserved vacation.


  2. This was great! I will miss your Nepal posts, but hope you can find time for a few from Greece (land of my mom and a favorite place of mine!) and then, of course, Jamaica, which I will enjoy learning about. Safe travels!

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  3. Thanks for all thèse posts during your stay in Nepal I discovered your blog whilst searching out info before my last trip to KTM. Being a Brit (well Geordie!) your sensé of humour appealed to me I don’t live in the Uk haven’t done for over 40 years but am lucky not to have to move around like you do I don.t know how you manage it!!
    I enjoyed your posts on Cape Town I haven’t been there yet my old est daughter Who lives in Jo.burg always loves it when she has to go on trips to CT for her job.
    Good luck for your move and Enjoy the summer in Greece my daughteŕs have so many good mémories of holidays there when they were kids, We’re off on Sat to cool down for 2 weeks on the Northumberland coast far away from the 40°c températures that we’re having in Lyon at the moment.
    Looking forward to hearing about your new Life in Jamaïcain


    • What a lovely note! Thanks so much for writing. Cooling down on the Northumberland coast sounds really good. Hiking on the St Cuthberts trail is on my to do list but it won’t be this year.

      I leave for London tonight and I hear the South has a heatwave coming. (Of course “heatwave” there means 28 degrees!)

      I wondered if anyone would get the Benny Hill reference on my pack out post – I’m guessing you did!

      All the best and thanks for following. See you again from the road! Caroline


  4. Yes I did pick up on the Benny Hill référence!!
    I can highly recommend a trip to the NE coast I’ve Never done the St Cuthberts Trail that will obviously start at Holy Island and ends at Melrose, a visit to the Farne Islands, Bamburgh Castle, Alnwick a great trip if you wańt a bit of cool weather!!


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