Its Rice Planting Season

A little photo essay this evening on the rice planting season that is upon us in the Kathmandu Valley. We stayed at a place in Shivapuri, very close to a hardworking Newari family who were busy getting the crop to field. The rainy season is late and they complained that planting was late as a result…but they were still willing to take a break and let me take photos.


First step is to gather seedlings from the nursery field.  The ladies grabbed bunches of seedlings, washed off the dirt from the roots and tied them in bundles ready to be transported to larger fields.


This little guy was very curious about why I was there.


The ladies made the hard work of planting look easy and fun.  It’s not, it’s back breaking.  But they still laughed and smiled for the camera, and broke into song occasionally too.


This is the grandmother and the aunt


Time to take a lunch break in the fields…..


Here is a completed field with the baby plants in place. In a couple of months the plants will be tall and green and ready to harvest.



The terraces were a maze of tricky mud paths.  I hope to be back for the harvesting in September.

Thanks to the family for the photos!