Oh, the packing!

Wow!  I thought I would do myself a favor and started gathering all the items on my packing list together in one place.  I’m a little concerned by the amount of stuff – jeez!

We will carry our day packs on our backs, and a pack company will cart our ‘big bags’ from town to town (I know, it’s so she-she!).  The problem is that our big bags can’t be heavier than 40 pounds.  So, I think I might need to rethink some things.

This will be another lesson for me – pack like Miss Caroline!

4 thoughts on “Oh, the packing!

  1. AT hiker Paul Berman will donate $500 to ACS if you both complete this walk.

    Enjoy, my guess is some rain, basic rule………just keep putting one foot in front of the other one, fail-proof method for sure success.

    Paul / Del Q


    • Ahhh, Mr. Berman! Thanks for the donation “carrot” you are dangling for us – but be prepared to pay up! (Many thanks in advance for your generosity!) Great advice – I’m sure I’ll need to remind myself!



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