Help us help the American Cancer Society

As I was preparing for this journey, I felt that I needed some higher purpose to help me stayed motivated to continue training and conditioning.  While I am fit enough and have strong legs to help me walk/hike this 190-mile adventure, some folks don’t have that pleasure.

Tomorrow is a year to the day that my cousin passed away from cancer – specifically melanoma.  And since I never followed through in making the donation in her name that I had wanted to do, I thought I’d set up a fundraising effort to raise important funds for research for the cure of this disease – and dedicate my walk to her and others.  Unfortunately, so many of us know folks who are living with or have battled cancer.  We need to help kick cancer’s butt.

Since posting the link last week, we have already raised over 50% of our goal of $1900.  (Our gratitude to those who have made generous donations already!!)  Would you please consider donating, too?  Please click this link: or click the link under the Fundraising Efforts box to make a donation.  We are grateful for your support!

What do you think?

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