Just for Fun: Vocabulary lesson for Carla

As you might expect, I kept a journal during our C2C journey.  Part of my journal included my new vocab words.  Caroline was a great interpreter, and taught me many new words.  Here are some examples:

Cheers (also Ta) = Thank You

Pudding = steamed cake (if anyone offers you Sticky-Toffee Pudding – take it!  However, I also had a Suet Pudding which was steamed beef and potato entree served in a crust of suet.  I tried lots of interesting foods in England.)

boot = trunk of the car

serviette = napkin

jacket potato  = baked potato

Sarni / Buttie = sandwich

Plasters = band-aids

Chips = French fries

Crisps = Potato chips

Fell = Hill

Beck = Stream

Tarn = Lake

Sweeties = candies

Boiled sweets = hard candy

Cream tea = A cup of tea which is served alongside scones with jam and clotted cream (again, if you are offered a cream tea – take it!)

Off-license = a place to pick up alcohol that is not a pub

Slimline = diet tonic (This was an important one for me.  I drink gin and tonics, so I’d order a ‘gin and slimline’.  Another change, the English use lemon instead of lime, and typically don’t have a bunch of ice in their drinks).

flannel = washcloth

sultanas = raisins

porridge = oatmeal

courgettes = zucchini

aubergine = eggplant

mash = mashed potatoes

bicky = Cookie

Biscuit = Cracker

3 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Vocabulary lesson for Carla

    • Yvonne,
      Black pudding was the one thing I didn’t (couldn’t- really) try with brekky (I’m so proud of myself for know that brekky = breakfast and I didn’t have to ask Caroline first!). I can tell you that I like my scrambled eggs over toast now! ~Carla


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