Confessions of a Failing Blogger

Well…here it is…the icebreaking re-launching post that I have been threatening to put up again. Can it really be late February since I last posted? I hang my head in shame. I really do want to keep this thing up and running, and the blog is almost defunct…just sitting here neglected…. I did have a number of reasonable excuses in March. Our household effects arrived and I was up to my eyeballs and above in boxes – literally – and once I dug out from that, there were some school issues and other work things going on. But really…. mid August?! There’s no excuse.

Since then, we have been on a trip to the South Pacific country of Palau, in May I was in Guam getting my American citizenship, and then we spent a wonderful six weeks in Greece. There might be content for a blog post or two in there…what d’ya think? But the grip of blog apathy had already taken hold and I somehow couldn’t coordinate the apparently complicated coordination of camera, photos, and computer and come up with content in a timely matter. Not that the timing really matters of course.. Just because I did a trip a few months back, doesn’t mean that the story is less interesting, right? And not all posts have to have photos. They make posts more interesting, but as an excuse for not posting they just result in a story unshared.

So, confession over and now comes the action part. Having spent many an hour lecturing my high schooler on the value of commitment and consistency in his responsibilities, its time to swallow my own pill. So here it is:

1. I promise to post at least once a week. I’ve noticed all the best bloggers do it at least that frequently.
2. No picture will not equal no post.
And 3. I’ll work at fixing the technical glitches I’m having that are making things worse with the camera

The start of the blogging diversions!

And to the precious few who read this…PLEASE…. feedback or support comments much appreciated. I think I need a shove!

5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Failing Blogger

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