Its the rainy season and …guess what…its raining!

Fish eye view of raindrops


The rainy season goes here from June to about November.  Its cloudier than usual although the temperatures are usually in the mid-80s.  We get heavy rain every day for a short while, or at least the threat of it.  (The gloomy clouds gather above me as I type.)  But its kind of refreshing to be out of the heavy sun for a while and a cloudy 85 degrees is feeling pretty reasonable these days…so I don’t mind it most of the time.  That may be because I’ve missed 2 typhoons and one flood by sheer luck and good timing with trips abroad, so the rainy season is just feeling a bit wet right now, rather than threatening.

We had a heavy downpour last weekend and decided to go down to the pool for a swim anyway, with the camera…and have some fun with photos:

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