Philippino Ingenuity

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.  Take a look at this ingenious solution to lighting the inside of windowless rooms in poor Philippino neighbourhoods, and remember this the next time you are in a big box megastore where they choose to pay for electricity rather than pay to clean windows, because they think its “cheaper”.  Surely we could do better:

6 thoughts on “Philippino Ingenuity

  1. Hi. I was surfing and chanced upon your blog. I enjoyed reading your posts and just love the photos. I just thought I’d let you know that it’s Filipino and not “Philippino”. 🙂

    A Filipina in NJ


    • Thanks for comments. I know… I keep forgetting to change the spelling. Have to remember to say “Filipina” too, when its appropriate! Glad to hear you enjoy the blog. I was just out at the Tondo dumpsite today and took photos. I will do a post on that shortly.


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