More Typhoon Pics

One more round of pictures….at the risk of overdoing it….its of course been a bit deal here….  These photos are special because they aren’t off a news reel somewhere.  Robert took them as he paddled around ankle- knee- or waist-deep in what was essentially sewage water.  The heaviest rains hit at high tide, and the Embassy is right on the water.   Heavy rains brought in huge waves which, added to ten hours of heavy rain, produced literally rivers of water down side streets. Roxas Boulevard, the main street that runs along the ocean, literally merged with the ocean and all the ocean side buildings were very badly flooded.

Ropes seem to be standard protocol for getting pedestrians across raging river streets…

When the winds blew really hard, they had to take shelter in doorways to stop being blown over…
Can you even imagine trying to cross the street here?

Walking along hidden sidewalks was particularly dangerous, especially near construction sites.  You had no idea where the curb was, or any other obstacles such as hydrants or gutters.  Lots of reports of cut feet and legs.  Bedlam!  So glad he got home safe and sound.

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