Sign Language: How’s my driving?

All commercial vehicles here are requested to paint an official sign on the back of the car or truck that reads: “How’s my driving?” along with a prescribed phone number to call for comment. You see it quite often in the US and UK too, although to my knowledge its not a requirement, but more of a public image statement meant to illustrate the company’s confidence in the quality of their driver training. At least last time I looked.  Here in the Philippines its a law and one that doesn’t appear to serve much purpose. Its no secret that the road conditions and driving are appalling and somehow these signs seem to serve to make things worse. Sitting in back to back traffic, with a jeepney trying to nose into you on your right, a big truck squeezing you from the left and the taxi in front cutting in and out, the words “How’s my driving?” just seem to antagonize… How’s your driving? It just sucks!

What do you think?

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