Following the Thistle

Three years since my last big hiking adventure with Carla, I have finally been able to make it to another long-distance trail, The West Highland Way in Scotland.  This time my brave hiking partner is Michelle, a friend from Manila and my hiking buddy from the Banaue Rice Terraces adventure.

We’ll be traveling from Milngavie, a suburb of Glasgow where the Way starts.  From there it runs 95 miles North to Fort William, across varied countryside and open moors.  Its been a while since either of us have been out of the tropics and the thought of shivering in 12 degrees Celcius seemed a little unreal.  We met at Heathrow on Sunday as Michelle flew in from Bangkok, and have started our Scottish adventure.  So for a little news on the Highlands and plenty of pictures of us soggy and windswept…watch this space…

2 thoughts on “Following the Thistle

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