Revisiting Profitias Ilias

The church of Profitias Ilias (Prophet Elias/Elijah) is always the highest point in a given area in Greece, referencing Elias’s mountaintop Biblical stories. On Spetses, the church is at 245 meters, which is predictably the highest point on the island.  Not such a great height I know, but it’s high enough to give significant views out to both sides of the island.

We hadn’t visited in a really long while. Its a small detour from the Anagiri hiking path and most of the time our hiking party is just eager to get down to the beach. But I remembered going there when Latham and his friends were small (about four years old) and we hadn’t been back since. When we used to live in Spetses year round, it was best to go outside the summer months, especially with little kids. Here’s a few “then and now pictures” as contrast, both taken from the sterna (cistern) in front of the church. Happy days!

Latham and girl friends in front of Profitias Ilias, Spring 1999 I think.

Same spot July 2012. Unfortunately not the same group (except for Latham of course). But still a very rare “mothers and sons” pic.

The front of the church has a large working cistern. Here’s some more pictures from beside the well:

Clear Spring day 1999

Hot and hazy, July 2012

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Profitias Ilias

  1. Fantastic photos again! I can’t remember if Paul and I have been here with you. Hopefully Jess can remember the way and we can visit this Summer! x


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