Beautiful Siquijor

I really liked Siquijor. It was small enough to miss the traffic, noise, congestion and sprawl of a larger island. But large enough to explore, with lots to see and do. We only got to see a corner of it, but if I had time, I would love to go back. Paul and Nikki managed to have their own adventures, exploring the town and a Mangrove swamp. Paul took some fabulous pictures which I’ve included in other Siquijor posts, but many didn’t really have a place in any of my stories. Here’s a few more that he took that I loved, and that really help capture the spirit and feel of the place. They all look better when you click and enlarge them. Enjoy!

Mangrove Swamp Siquijor

Bridge across Mangrove Swamp, Siquijor

Small Boy on Motorbike

Old Filipino Kitchen

Not a kitchen restaurant I’ve eaten from (I hope)

Filipino Market Stall

Filipino Market Stall

Filipino Wet Market

Typical Filipino Covered Market. This one’s in Siquijor but looks like so many others I’ve visited

Filipino Fruit Market

Whats’s for sale today in the market

Dried Fish in Siquijor Market

Dried Fish in Siquijor Market

Siquijor streets

Just hanging out in Siquijor

Siiquijor boat at sunset

Siiquijor boat at sunset

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