The Power of the Sun

The part I really love about my new job is the opportunity to meet with Nepalis and see new and exciting developments in the country.  Alternative energy has great development potential in a country with many sunny days and plenty of raging rivers.   I had no idea that there was a eco-school near Kathmandu, Vajra Academy, that runs solar cookers for the kids from an elaborate solar system on the roof.  They also have an organic garden as a real source of their food, recycling programs, a couple of dairy cows, and an academic and practical sustainability program built into their curriculum.


Viewing the solar panels up on the roof


They demonstrated to me how the discs turn with the sun each day. The center raised pipework is a rainwater harvesting system.

I wish I had longer to view all the other initiatives at the school. But I was there to pick up a three-man eco-rock band from New York, who had been sponsored by the academy during their first solar trek in Nepal.  I was taking them to meet the kids at a couple of Kathmandu schools where they could play music, demonstrate portable solar energy devices and share the potential of a solar powered future in Nepal.


Warming up the kids at the start of the show


Solar Punch, playing a message of alternative energy in Nepal


Showing the kids how the power of the sun can start a fire


It took them a little while to warm up, but once the band played a Nepali folk song, everyone knew the words and the kids started to dance.  That was the best part for me!


After the performance, we were given front row seats to watch the school put on a small cultural dance

Nepali Cultural Dance

A pretty Nepali cultural dance from a couple of the older students

Nepal has a lot of environmental challenges. Its easy to see the problems: pollution, deforestation, garbage, litter, water pollution… But this was a sincere attempt to touch a nerve with Nepal’s future generation. Hopefully, everyone took away a little taste of the country’s potential for clean, renewable energy. And, hopefully, somewhere in the audiences that day, were one of two individuals who would grow up take a lead in the environmental solutions that this country so desperately needs. A fun and meaningful day!

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