Making Kathmandu Home…. On the Inside

Finally some inside shots of our new home. I never really had my act together with before and after pictures, but I’ve managed a few below. We try to do the maximum “cheering up” of the home around the dreaded Drexel, government-issued furniture, with the minimal amount of stuff. A few scatter cushions, flowers, rugs and plants….Here’s the final attempt at making the new house our new home:


Living Room Before. We were blessed with government lime green furniture on a puke olive carpet. They made a quite bright space look pretty depressing


Living Room After. Still the same funky furniture, of course. But a lot more liveable with a lighter carpet and a few splashes of colour.


Its nice having a fireplace but its way too expensive to run because of the price of wood. Maybe just one or twice a year for the holidays


TV Room. Was the dining room. The dining room was massive and the TV room tiny…we fixed that by swapping them over.


Kitchen Before.  The kitchen was the hardest space in the house. Cabinets without drawers, windows you can’t really open, a freezer where the fridge should be, an electric cooker (hate electric) and generally a dull space.


Kitchen After. Pot hanger, center table island and wall mounted knife rack make all the difference. GSO was able to swap out the giant freezer for a small one that could fit elsewhere and I could then put the fridge in the right place.  I added some gold stickers to brighten up the cabinets but it still needs some colour.  Maybet the right rug if I can find it?


The upstairs landing makes an pretty good office space


Kid’s guest room. There’s another adult one downstairs


With rooms galore, I was able to make one of them my own dressing room!


Master bedroom. Its nice we have a balcony too.


…and finally…this is the first thing that greets you when you walk into our home. ‘Nuff said.

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