The Kids in Kathmandu!

Its been a busy couple of weeks since the kids showed up…so here’s a quick photo post update on some of what’s been going on… more detail later…I promise!


Clearing customs in Kathmandu. It was like a morgue. I’ve never seen it so tourist free….


After 16 hours of travel….arrival!


Our driver very sweetly bought them nepalese welcome scarves to mark their arrival. So we took a photo!


Yup… they’ve arrived and unpacked!


Terrible photo but cool experience. Latham gets to read English scripts for a Nepalese English language program in a recording studio


Taking Latham and Jess to see Patan Dhubar Square with its amazing architecture


Jess in her new school uniform that was issued to her as a teachers assistant. (She’s getting some work experience in a Nepali school)


I haven’t seen Latham doing arts and crafts since he was about 10! (This giant snowflake was to help Jess prepare for her class the next day)


Tackling the steps of the Monkey temple in Swayambhunath.

We are off on a road trip for the week leading up to New Year….more to come…

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