Down on the Farm (Chitwan Style)

So to get back to the upside of life around here, after being weighed down by too much Kathmandu dirt and disorder lately, here are a few photos from a lovely time we just had at an organic farm down in Chitwan a few weeks ago. The farm was part of a tourist resort, providing fresh produce, meat and dairy to the guests, and supporting the livelihoods of about 140 locals. They even set up a small school for the children of the employees.

We loved looking around at the animals and crops. Here are a few highlights:

Organic farm in Chitwan

Feeding the cows


Organic farms in Chitwan have to have elephants, of course


…and elephants like their snacks. This guy made some in front of us. He basically wrapped hay into nests, stuffed the nests with goodies like chickpeas and rice, and wrapped the bundles up with straw ties. Elephants love ’em…especially the chick peas apparently.



Snoozing piggies.  We smelt these guys before we spotted them!


Great way to store pumpkins.  Must have been last year’s.  The new crop had already started in the fields


And finally we spent some time just hanging out with the kids

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