A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Rust


Every summer for about the last ten years, I’ve tried to retrace steps to the other side of the island where we usually don’t visit very often. The reason is that getting back is difficult because there’s no bus to take you back and its usually too hot or too dark to walk both ways in August.


This year we worked out the logistics with motorbikes and Latham and set off early evening to find an old abandoned house that I remember from years back, Hara.  It’s distinctive gate has its name written above in rusting letters, “Xara” (Hara) meaning “joy” in Greek.  I hadn’t seen it for about fifteen years and remembered little except that distinctive gate.  I did recall though that it had an intact roof and locked doors and windows, which wasn’t the case when we visited this time.

The roof had collapsed in many places, some rooms were filled with broken rafters and tiles, but a few still remained recognizable as their original function.  We wandered around, exploring the nooks and crannies of what was once someone’s home.  The house once belonged to the poet sisters Mary and Irene Botassi, and Irene’s husband Herman, after they retired from living in Switzerland.  As far as I can figure, the house has been abandoned for over fifty years.  It  was both fascinating and sad to see it slowly crumble.

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“Xara” in pebble mosiac, buried under years of pine cones.



6 thoughts on “A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Rust

    • Hi Jenny – thanks so much. I’m only just seeing this now. Not sure how I missed it. What a nice gesture. Thank you ;o) I’m not sure what I think about awards, so I hope its ok to think about it. In the meantime, I’d like to return the compliment by saying how much I enjoy your blogs. Your posts are always interesting, well thought out and well written. I’m having a bad blogging month. I got bogged down in things when I got back to Kathmandu. I’ll take this as a reminder that I need to get back writing! All the best, Caroline


      • You are very welcome, Caroline! No problem at all for you to take your time and give it some thought. :o) I’d noticed that you seemed to be having a quiet spell, so I am glad to see you back at your keyboard – I love reading your posts and seeing your photographs. So yes, please, get back to writing! ;o) And thanks for the kind compliments – it is so rewarding to hear comments like that from you.


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