Early Morning in Pokhara

Last month in Pokhara, at about seven in the morning, I was leaving my room for breakfast before starting work with some students in a hotel across the street. I was thinking about whether I had enough pairs of scissors and where I put my presentation notes. So at first I didn’t look up. The night before had been stormy and drizzly, and it had been too miserable to go out and explore. So I had stayed in the room and had an early night. Yet, first thing the next morning, this is the view that greeted me. I had to go back for the camera: DSCF5036
There’s nothing like a little storm to clear the air first thing in the morning.  And here clear air = stunning views of the Himalayans!


10 thoughts on “Early Morning in Pokhara

  1. Ahh, so fresh! I regret terribly not getting to Pokhara when I was in Nepal. I figured I’d get there when I did the Annapurna Circuit and now that poor circuit trek has too many roads and I’m not sure I will do it.


    • Yes, I am hearing that from trekkers. They are talking about opening up other routes, though its always about doing it well, which is another issue. I regret that I won’t trek at all while I am here (foot injury) but am heading to Bhutan next month by way of compensation – so that should be exciting!

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