Yes…This is Pretty Disgusting…

If  you read my earlier post, you would have seen that we had a very interesting trip to Corregidor last weekend.  What was missing from the post, however, was another discovery….. garbage.  A gift from the people of Manila.  Arriving by sea in a constant flow is every conceivable type of rubbish from old shoes…tyres….plastic bags…you name it…

I decided to deal with it as a separate post as I didn’t want to detract from the historical experience of the island, which deserves better.  And the garbage certainly did NOT hamper our enjoyment of the island and was limited to just the Manila-facing beaches…but pretty disgusting it was.

To be honest, I was fascinated.  We’ve all seen garbage. Every major port in the world (that I’ve ever seen) has filthy water and floating junk.  Pireaus is no exception.  However, I had never seen anything like this, especially garbage deposited elsewhere from a major port….  So I took some pictures:

However, photos still don’t capture the sheer ebb and flow and SCALE of so much rubbish.  There just had to be a video …so here it is:

A local cafe owner told us that the garbage goes away at a different time of year when the currents change.  Who knows where it goes then?  To that giant Texas-sized garbage island in the Pacific, maybe?

4 thoughts on “Yes…This is Pretty Disgusting…

  1. Wow, Caroline – that’s disgusting and terrible, but I know this is something that appears around the world. What’s with all the flipflops and Crocs in the water? So strange.

    Hope all is well with you all. I saw a news report of a bombing in Manila within the last several days. I hope it wasn’t anywhere near you.



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