“Green Thing in the Driveway” Gets an Upgrade!

Its hard to get everyone out the door.  Making kids sit in the car and actually wait for you, while you close up, grab the shopping list and turn off the oven is the only way to go….  When I would get frustrated enough at getting a certain person to actually depart, I found myself saying “PLEASE get in the car…NOW….It’s the green thing in the driveway”  and shuffle him towards the door.  Hence “Green Thing in the Driveway” was born and lived there — in our driveway — for seven years.

G.T.I.T.D has now made a monumental journey across the Pacific and is now “Green Thing in the Basement – complete with the upgrade of (temporary) diplomatic plates.  The most modest car with diplomatic plates that I have ever seen, I might add….I think I see a couple of new dings too.

Here are some not so great shots of the car in our basement parking lot….(hey – I got it down there…it wasn’t easy…3 levels of weirdly laid out basement which are totally confusing) …

A pic for my VA friends (remember that sticker?)… Well it made it to the Philippines:

And Here’s an A.T.I.T.B (I’ll let you work that one out)  with our car:

Now the question is whether I have the guts to take it out on the road?

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