On the Road Again?


This is probably not what Willie Nelson had in mind.

Despite its name, it does appear to be capable of mobility, yet it never moves. Its always parked on one of the main streets in Kathmandu, amid of all the chaos of micro buses and trucks. Judging from my general experience of Nepali toilets, I can’t even begin to imagine what its like inside. In a city with no such thing as chemical toilets and no drains, quite how it works, I’m not sure.. As for the red and blue buckets…the mind boggles!

5 thoughts on “On the Road Again?

  1. Even though I am from Nepal and lived there for the first 18.5 years of my life, I never went to public toilets. I had to come back home every time, because the public toilets are kept in such disgusting conditions that somebody with a bit of hygiene sense would find it very hard to use them..In the shopping malls, in the streets (if there’re any), in the restaurants.. Of course the scarcity of water doesn’t help the situation. For women it’s even worse. One of the many things that I really don’t miss about Nepal.


    • Thanks for commenting, Pooja. I did feel a bit guilty after posting, as I know so many Nepalis are embarassed about the state of bathrooms and there are so many problems. But, honestly, I don’t think there is enough embarassment generally. Especially when you go into a restaurant or other privately- owned space where people have the means to do better.


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